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Unique and custom Flags, Flag poles and  installation timeless Wind Toys and saddle restoration. Our services are diverse with Quality that is always second to none  and a passion which is evident in our products.




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.



Received the boat flag yesterday and it is gorgeous!
Thanks for taking the time to help me create this unique gift!
— ‎Jonathan K
Mr. Talley can fix anything! He repaired a backpack I thought was beyond hope and fixed the zippers in two of my coats. I would trust him with anything!
— Jennifer H.
Thanks a lot for making my royal wedding party a success.
— Elizabeth
Hersh, thank you for the beautiful flag. I hope your family has a great summer, too. Maybe I will stop one of these days and see you.
— Joyce



We will work tirelessly with you to create an amazing  product that fits your needs. Whether it is Something to express your unique self or to give as an memorable gift.



About us

Who we are 

After taking early retirement and looking for something to do, we bought a shoe repair shop.

Why shoes and boots? They are much like saddles…how hard was that to do? After all, I had spent many hours in boots and on a saddle.

This was the genesis of The Brand-shoe, boot, and saddle repair.

Months later, we realized shoes and boots were becoming disposable. So we needed to expand and retail seemed the way to go.

Many years of military family life lead to flags, their sale, repair, and promotion.

Specialty/custom flags, banners, and kites were next.

Having an engineering background, construction, repair and installation of large commercial

poles lead us to where we are today. More than 30% of our business is installing these flagpoles.

We love to solve problems, enjoy pleasing our customers, and look forward to your project, be it a custom flag, a new business display, refurbishing granddad’s antique saddle, or installing a 40 commercial flagpole.

Credits And Attributions

Photo Attributions:

Suspended Flag: Andrew Czap

Field of Flags: Lipton sale